Installation Guidelines

Handling and Storage

  • Take extreme care so as to not scratch surfaces when unpacking delivered products.
  • Make sure not to carry long, flat lengths of mouldings from the center which may cause the material to snap.
  • Do not lean profiles vertically against a wall. This can lead to permanent disfigurement and cracks in the surface.
  • Store profiles in an environment that is flat, dry, clean and above ground-level and away from severe sunlight, rainfall, snow and contaminants.
  • Complex design profiles such as arches and quoins must be secured well to rigid panels until ready for installation.
  • Avoid storing profiles under tarps in direct sunlight.
  • If cutting profiles down in length, a masonry saw blade or dimanond tipped blade is highly recommended.
  • Avoid contact with gels, solvents, grease and stains.

Pre-Installation Instructions

1.Substrate Information

  • Clean and dust free
  • Keep dry for at least 24 hours before installation of profile.
  • Similarly, temperature must be above 40ºF for at least 24 hours.
  • Must be smooth and flat.
  • Must not be subject to strong vibrations or wind forces while adhesive is setting.

2.Acceptable Surfaces

A. Exterior Surfaces
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Unit Masonry
  • Stucco
B. Interior Surfaces
  • Drywall
  • Dens-Glass Gold
  • Exterior Grade Gypsum Sheathing
  • Plaster

Safety Precautions

  • Make sure no regulations are being violated for use of products and equipment
  • The core of any moulding is EPS foam and is combustible. Care must be taken not to expose the mouldings to fire or any open flame.