Our Goal

To create architectural elements using the finest materials and artists

What we do

We are an industry leading, family owned manufacturer of exterior and interior decorative architectural foam moulding products available in stucco ready, paint ready and our proprietary sandstone look called our venetian line. We are also the creative engine of Stone Mountain.

We create art work in the form of fireplaces, counters, planters, range hoods and other accents in cast concrete or cast limestone. If real is your thing, we also design and have artists to hand carve your master pieces in our quarries in Mexico.

Westmould Manufacturing

EIFS and Stucco Products
  • We offer a complete range of Styrofoam trims, from columns to cornices to starter boards. All ready for stucco finishing.
Paint Grade Products
  • Using a proprietary blend of sands and admixes, we create paintable decorative cornices, corbels and window trims.

Stone Mountain Casting Studio

Cast Limestone and Cement
  • Using our CNC routers, lathes, hot wires and 3D printers, our in-house design team will create any fireplace, trim or accent piece for your next project.
Stone Mountain Limestone Mexico
  • With our designers, we employ CNC equipment and highly skilled artists to create whatever art your project calls for. From ballasts to fireplaces to water features. It is real limestone, hand carved with the aid of computers.

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